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Kelly's Of Cornwall Ice Cream - Review

It's a hard life, this blogging malarky.  I mean, who would want to have to eat ice-cream to review it?  You would?  Me too!  That's why I jumped up and down like a crazy being when I got the chance to review Kelly's of Cornwall ice-creams.  Kelly's is the only genuinely Cornish ice-cream available across the UK (Mummy Mandy, are you reading this?), made in Cornwall, with Cornish clotted cream and Cornish milk.  It couldn't get much more Cornish if there was a pasty on top!

Kelly's are going all out for a fabulous British summer with two fruity flavours: Clotted Cream & Blackcurrants, and Clotted Cream & Strawberries.  I hit the shops, but my local supermarkets didn't have the Blackcurrant one (I'm sure I saw it a couple of weeks ago, it may well have sold out), so I snagged a tub of the Clotted Cream & Strawberries, and as a little treat to myself, some Clotted Cream & Honeycomb.  I've never seen the honeycomb flavour before, and I fancied something a bit different.  Squeaky and her Daddy are much more likely to dig into the strawberry flavour, so the honeycomb is all mine!

It sounds an odd thing to say in the first bit of the review, but I thought it was great to see ice-cream in a traditional style tub.  The sort you remember from childhood.  A tub that can be reused, and reused and reused to store treasures, birthday candles & baking equipment, and fits far better into the freezer than these fancy schmancy cardboard rounds that certain premium brands seem to favour.

The tubs being a little bit more rigid turned out to be for a good reason.  All that clotted cream and milk makes Kelly's ice-cream a touch softer than average, making it easy to scoop and eat, but wouldn't work well in a soft sided tub.
Everyone takes this photo, I know.  
After the obligatory giggle at the cleavage-style look of the ice-cream in the tub, it was time to get on with the difficult task of eating it.  Shame!    I teamed the strawberry with a handful of fresh raspberries that wanted
using up, and tucked in.  The ice-cream was a softer flavour than I was expecting, smooth and creamy and tasting of proper strawberries (with big pieces too!), not too sweet.  Like a bowl of strawberries & cream, only frozen and fluffy.  Definite winner from me.  Squeaky liked the ice-cream itself, once she got over the fact that it wasn't a Peppa Pig lolly, bit was a little less sure about the strawberry pieces.  She's a bit finicky like that.  Once I fished them out, she was a happy girl.

The honeycomb, well, I forgot to take a photo, and ate it all!  Sorry.  The "boobs" picture above is of the honeycomb flavour, and as you can see there's pieces of honeycomb, and swirls of golden honey flavour in the ice-cream.  This was quite a bit sweeter than the strawberry flavour, but not overwhelmingly so.  I'm not sure in a blind taste-test I would be able to say it was honeycomb, but that's partly because it's real honeycomb, and not the fake stuff they use in chocolate bars.  (Bear in mind, if you have a child under one, they shouldn't have honey, so this isn't one for the littlies.  It's too nice to share as well!)

Kelly's of Cornwall is a definite hit in our household.  I'll be keeping my eyes open for the rest of the range, I want to try the blackcurrant now.

Kelly's of Cornwall is available in most supermarkets, prices £3.99 for a 1 litre tub (though I've seen offers in Tesco & Asda for some of the range recently.)

I was provided with vouchers to purchase the ice-creams for the purposes of this review.  I was not told what to write, and all opinions are my own.  Links are provided for your convenience, I am not a member of any affiliate scheme and will not receive reward for their use.

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  1. best ice cream ever first tried it in Cornwall in 1960s heaven even better you can buy it in supermarkets now.


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