Friday, 24 August 2012

101 Uses for a Nappy Bag. part 2

Part 1, a very long time ago, is here.

Part 2 in a very irregular series.

I'm not talking change bags, they're a whole different set of posts to themselves.  I've never used a change bag as a change bag.  I have a change bag that I use as a normal handbag, and a courier bag that I used as a change bag.  Anyway.  I'm talking about those little slippy green or pink bags for chucking your offspring's dirty nappies into until you can dispose of them properly.

5. An impromtu pencil case when toddlers need to do some colouring in Right Now.
6. Storing jigsaw puzzle pieces when the box gets bashed.
7. Lining the sick bucket/tin.
8. Emergency picnic storage (use napkins as well, they do say on the pack not to use them for food)
9. Storing those skinny little single use hair bands that are the only thing to stay in Squeaky's hair. The plastic packaging disintegrates even faster than she pulls her bunches out.
10. Doogy doo bag.  They're cheaper & do the same job.

More another time.  Maybe.

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