Friday, 24 August 2012

Is your child a star?

I don't normally reproduce press releases word for word, but this closes today, and it's too good a chance to miss...  Sadly Squeaky's too old, but if your child isn't, and you're free this weekend, why not give it a go?  Good luck!

Cow & Gate, famous for their ‘laughing baby’ adverts, is searching for little ones to potentially be the faces, and personalities, of its brand new advertising campaign in 2012.

Little ones aged between 10 months and two years are invited to enter the Cow & Gate search and show off their personalities for the chance to be featured in the number one baby feeding brand’s television adverts.

All parents have to do is share a video of their little one that really shows off their little personality.  Simply send it before Monday 27th August and parents and children could be invited to meet the Cow & Gate production team. There’s not a lot of time so get those cameras at the ready and send us your videos!

Applicants for the Cow &; Gate search must be available between 27th and 30th August 2012 for a live casting.

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