Sunday, 16 October 2011

It's just a phase

Those must be the four most annoying words in parenting.  "It's just a phase". Teething?  It's just a phase.  Waking at 3 am? It's just a phase.  Separation anxiety? It's just a phase.

Squeaky's latest phase is "What's That?" Addressed to pretty much everything.  Constantly, repeatedly, and to things that she already knows exactly what they are. It's just a phase I really hope passes quickly, because there's only so many times I can tell her what the tap is before I'm going to go bonkers. It's a tap. It's a tap, it's a tap.  A tap, lovey. It's still a tap. It continues to be a tap. It's STILL the flipping tap, for goodness sake.

I swear, the next time someone says "it's just a phase" to me, I'm going to spend the next half hour saying "whassat?" to them without stopping for breath & see how they like the phase.


  1. Oh yeah, I remember this. Then it turns into:

    "what are you doing Mummy?"
    "washing up"
    "Are you washing up Mummy?"
    "washing up in the sink?"
    (gritted teeth) "yes dear"
    "washing up the plates?"...

  2. OMG yes!!

    I really hate that everything is put down to teething. Every whinge and whine, rash and sickness is put down to 'The Teething Stage'.

    My 13mo fell over at playgroup today and banged her face to which 3 parents enquired 'is she teething?'

    It does grate me. On the other hand my 12yo's favorite saying is 'but why'.

    No you can't play the xbox
    'but why'
    Because you've already been on it today.
    'Yeah but why'
    I've already said
    'but why can't you say yes'
    And so on until I stop answering!!

    Good luck


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