Monday, 31 October 2011

Magpie Monday - Is There Anybody There?

Sorry. It's Hallowe'en, I couldn't resist a spooky title.  I haven't really been buying ouija boards from the charity shops.

Instead, do you remember a couple of weeks ago, I was bemoaning the fact that a mid-week visit to the in-laws meant I'd miss the car boot sales, but at least I'd still be able to get roe & chips?  Well, I was wrong.  Not only did I completely fail in my quest for battered cod eggs, but as we came off the M6, we spotted those familiar red signs.  But instead of saying "Sunday Morning Boot Sale", or even "Sunday Afternoon Boot Sale" (Sunday afternoon starts at 10 a.m. for no good reason), they said "Thursday Boot Sale".  Be still my beating heart!

Who am I to refuse?  Off into the muddy field we go, to find much the same as the weekend boot sale, including the impassable mud pit and incompetent car drivers.  Had a bit of a wander, and then Squeaky spotted this.  And when I say spotted, I mean something more akin to "gave a death stare & yelled MINE".  The somewhere-Eastern-European guy selling it could barely control his smile.  They were pretty near to packing up, and I think he was glad not to have to take it home.

I've been tempted to the Toy Story phones for a while now, though torn over whether a toy phone will distract Squeaky from trying to play with the house phone, or just encourage her more.  So when she/I found this one for £1, my decision was made.  She chatters away on it, and even seems to get the hang of the dial (and when was the last time you saw a phone with a rotary dial?), but it's not made much difference either way to her obsession with our real phone.  Ah well, you can't win 'em all.


  1. What a great find! It's always lovely to hear that an old toy is being played with once again :)

    Ruth @ Minibreak Mummy

  2. I had this exact same toy!!!

    What lovely memories, glad Squeaky is getting lots of fun from it. Isn't it lovely to hear them chattering away?!

    Thanks for linking up x

  3. Love it - I had one very similar for my daughters.Do the eyes move when it's pulled along?

  4. Brought back fond memories of just how much little ones love toy telephones so thanks for that.


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