Sunday, 9 October 2011

I had Plans, you know

This is not a good week to be technology in our house.  My camera has gone to meet its maker (literally. I put it in an envelope to go and be repaired under warranty yesterday), and now the PC has had what I can only describe as a Total Existence Failure.  So that's going off to the nice man at the computer shop tomorrow to have its innards ripped out and the useful stuff that was saved on it put into a nice shiny new computer instead.  Luckily we knew this day was coming, and saved a lot of what would have otherwise been on the PC onto an external hard drive a couple of months ago.  I got a "well done" for that from the computer fixing dude in the shop. *smug*

All this means though, that the 3 parts written guest blog I was writing is now hidden somewhere in either the dead pc or the inaccessible hard drive (I'm not touching it til the shop man says that it's free of virii, trojans & other ooo-nasties), my Magpie Monday photos are stuck on a memory card with neither a camera nor a computer to display them on, and I'm reduced to writing everything on a teeny tiny netbook that runs an operating system I don't understand and a version of Firefox so out of date as to be obsolete & not supported by pretty much every webpage I visit.  And I can't figure out how to upgrade it.  I am not a geek, I just pretend to be one.

There were posts I was going to write.  Seriously, there are whole blog posts in my head, and I can't write them, they need pictures and access to my email, and more thinking than I can really do with this silly little netbook which randomly leaps back 3 pages through my browsing history for no obvious reason and without warning. Once the new pc is here, free of germs, and otherwise functioning, I think I'm going to end up paying the nice man at the computer shop to sort this one out as well.  Someone gave me idiot level instructions to do stuff to the netbook once, but I'm clearly even more of an idiot than they thought because it was just *whoosh*.

So, yeah.  Accept my apologies for the extended hiatus. It's not my fault, honestly.  Or, actually, is it? I just thought.  Viruses, germs, bugs, right?  Could I have uncovered a genuine computer/human crossover?  I've been feeling sorry for my self with tonsillitis the last few days, and now my computer has caught a bug too.  Maybe that's what it is?  Can I be awarded some kind of scientific research grant into the spread of tonsillitis via digital means?   

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