Thursday, 6 October 2011

Blogcamp Bristol - What a day

Just (well, 2 1/2 hours ago now) got back from Blogcamp Bristol.  My head is spinning with ideas, was to improve this here corner of the blogosphere, and wondering how to do half the things I haven't done before.  I've sorted out my pages, so I've got a contact page for all the lovely PRs to get in touch with me, without having to mooch around for my email address, I've got a disclosure page, tomorrow's going to be spent in clarifying & a little bit of archive editing (is that cheating?)

I think I need an idiot's guide though. Seriously, I can make a link, and add a picture or video, but that's about the limit of my talents.  I felt kind of like the newbie (and I've been blogging 18 months now, there were people at Blogcamp who'd been blogging WEEKS and they were all smarter than me)

I've got to admit, I've been kind of lazy in promoting my blog til now.  I've only shared on facebook or tweeted about posts that I'm really proud of - or I really wanted a response on.  That's going to change. If I've learned one thing today it's to get your profile out there. (And that bit about advanced twitter searches, but I'm keeping that as a big hairy secret)

So all in all, I had a fabby day, met some brilliant & inspiring bloggers, and have come away full of enthusiasm.  And germ. Thank you to Sally and the team, all the speakers, and everyone who came to Blogcamp Bristol for making it a great day.  (can you see what I'm doing here? Title, 1st para, etc!)

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