Tuesday, 2 August 2011

The weekend away

I said we'd had a weekend away, and Squeaky spent the weekend at my mum & dad's, running rings around them.

Well, in that time, she seemingly ate a lot of ice cream (no surprise there), rode on the miniature train round the sea front, threw herself down the slide a lot, threw herself off the slide & gave herself her first nosebleed (took about a minute to forget), disturbed my dad from his afternoon nap schedule, and generally created havoc & mayhem.

And then when we got back from Oxford, she had her first ever haircut!  Her fringe had gone beyond cute & straggly to messy & in her eyes, so now she has a proper little fringe.  And looks so much more grown up.  Photos when I can find magic string to join my phone to the computer, because they're on the phone not the camera.

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