Friday, 12 August 2011

The shame, the shame

A month or so ago, I entered a competition with Ribena to nominate your favourite picnic spot, and send in a photo. There were 6 categories, and obviously there were going to be loads of entries for "countryside" and "waterside", so I decided to enter the unusual category.  It was a couple of days before the closing date & I needed to take a photo and get it entered, and we were heading off to SqueakyDaddy's family for the weekend, so I knew I wasn't going to have many chances.  As a result, I came up with the rather silly idea of a picnic at the motorway services.

You can imagine my surprise a week or so later when I found out I'd won!  A hamper of goodies & a professional photo shoot are heading our way.  But that's not what this is about.  The lovely PRs who ran the competition issued a press release, with little comments from the winners.  And because I'd written a decent soundbite (if I say so myself!) and had nominated somewhere crazy, guess who got picked up by the press?

I was interviewed over the phone yesterday by BBC Radio Hereford & Worcester, though I haven't heard it go out yet.  And then about an hour later, I got a text from a friend asking "is that you in the Daily Mail?"  I haven't got the paper, but, for shame, here's the link

I never planned to be a media darling, it's just the way it pans out.  Strange.

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