Sunday, 14 August 2011

Unclean! Unclean!

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(No, it's not the Daily Mail again)

I've finally got shot of the ear infection I picked up on holiday, only to come down with a chest infection last week, so I'm dosed up on antibiotics and feeling grotty.

Then on Thursday night Squeaky was a bit, well, Squeaky. She was a bit warm, so a dose of Calpol, and then all seemed OK. Off we went to Preschool Gymnastics without incident.  She fell asleep afterwards, and then it all began.  She woke up with a temp, and spent the afternoon variously grouching and sleeping.  More calpol, but no change.  Pretty broken night, with yet more calpol and those magic cooling head patches.

Saturday morning, and she seemed back to her usual chirpy self.  Until we met up with SqueakyGran & Gramp for a meal in a brand spanking new restaurant in town.  Screams from the minute we walked in.  No interest in food at all, even though there were scampi AND garlic bread on offer to her, both of which she loves.  Eventually she fell asleep and we could eat in relative peace.

Another disturbed night, though marginally better.  And today she's still running a temp, though it does drop when the calpol kicks in, and still grouching & sleeping.  I just feel helpless, she's upset, unwell and I can't make it right for her, poor petal.

So now we're going to curl up on the sofa & catch up with some of the rubbish on the Sky+

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