Monday, 18 July 2011

Oh yeah, and another thing...

That ear infection I picked up in Majorca?  2 months ago?  I'd like it to go away now please.  3 different lots of antibiotic ear drops, the last of which make me dizzy and kind of nauseous, and I've still got a sore, swollen ear with stuff in it.  Which Squeaky of course makes contact with on a shockingly regular basis.  Isn't it time it went away now?

I moaned about it on Twitter last month, and some strange spambot offered me a "free!" gadget treatment.  Free in as much as I pay a fortune in shipping costs ($80?? I think not) for a glorified vibrator, and they would refund me if I submit a video-review to their website.  I offered them a review here for not having to pay the shipping in the first place, but they weren't interested.  Wonder if I'd've ever got the refund? I doubt it somehow. Maybe I should just get a cheap vibrator & hold it against my ear?  (Confession time, I don't own a vibe, I never have. Does that make me strange?)

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