Monday, 25 July 2011

Magpie Monday - Shiny!

Only a little find this week  (actually, I'm lying, but I've got PLANS for future posts, so some will have to wait)

I found a competition in my emails for a hot chocolate company, and the entry involved taking a photo of your jar of hot choc.  So I figured to myself I needed a nice glass to make a hot choc in, show it off, all whipped cream & marshmallows.  You know the deal.  I looked all round our local charity shops, and the car boot sales in Cannock to no avail.  In fact, it was quite a new experience, looking for *something* rather than *anything* as is my usual way.

Off I went then, last week, to Cardiff on a two day training course.  There's a nice little cluster of charity shops by the train station, so I couldn't walk past.  And I spotted a single hand painted hot choc/Irish coffee glass in the Marie Curie shop.  Wasn't sure, and I still had the others to browse too.  So I left it.  Went back that afternoon, it was still there, but I still wasn't sure, I'd really wanted a pair.  Clearly that wasn't going to happen though, as nowhere else had got anything that even vaguely met the description.  So on the second morning, I handed over my £2.00, and became the proud owner of this.  I had to carry it round with me in my bag all day, so I was VERY grateful to the nice man who wrapped it properly in tissue paper. There was a little bit of the original sticker on the bottom, saying it was hand painted & not dishwasher proof (good thing, as we haven't got one), which is now just a bit of sticky residue, but I don't want to scratch too hard as the base looks to be painted as well and I don't want to harm the colour.
What do you think, eh?  Pretty or what?  The perfect way to show off my hot choc?  So did I, and took lots of photos.  And then read the competition rules & discovered I needed a picture of ME with my hot choc jar, not my new mug.  Ah well, any excuse.  There's bound to be another competition that needs a photo of a drink in a pretty glass, right?

Join the magpies.  Me and My Shadow


  1. its very pretty shame you didnt get the piccy of you with your hot choccy!

  2. It is very pretty - I've never seen one like that before.

    Good luck with the competition!



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