Monday, 18 July 2011

Magpie Monday - Oooh La La!

We're in a French mood this week. I would have tried to write something in French but as a) it's nigh on 20 years since I last had a lesson, and b) there are people reading this blog who actually speak French properly, I decided not to make a complete fool of myself.

Instead, I thought I'd show you this week's purchase.  It's been a quiet few weeks on the Magpie front round here, not a lot in the shops, and even when we hit the car boots yesterday, there was nothing that caught my eye.  This little shirt is the only thing I've found for ages.

 Brand new, tags still attached (and the price tag said it'd arrived the day before - I love that bit)  crinkle cotton with a jersey cotton inner.  The label says "La Compagnie des Petits" and there's no other clue.  I can see this with a pair of cotton trousers, can't wait until we get some more decent weather (it's raining again here).

Oh yeah, and I did buy one other thing.  Maybe I shouldn't admit this one, but it amused me so much I had to buy it.  It's actually quite an amusing read for a cookbook (I've mentioned my love of reading cookbooks before, right?), it's almost an oral history, very much written as the recipes were shared, so some are quite "normally" presented, with a list of ingredients, cooking temps & times, and others, well they're more of a story than a recipe.  But it's interesting, and maybe I'll learn to cook Hush Puppies, and I don't mean the old lady shoes variety!
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  1. Beautiful little french shirt. Hope the sun comes back for you soon.

    LOVE that book. Who could resist a book with that title?!

    Thanks for joining x

  2. Ha ha that book looks hilarious. i would have swiped that cute shirt for my little one too!

  3. great shirt and that book looks like a fun read!

  4. I am honestly so jealous about White Trash Cooking. Sorely tempted to grab a used copy on Amazon.

  5. Lovely shirt, cute collars. I would love to know what Hush Puppies are? Are they hot dogs? Now I am intriged, I would love to read the cook book just for comedy value!

  6. According to the recipe, hush puppies are sort of fried cornmeal & buttermilk ball. Savoury doughnuts kind of thing. Not sure where to find cornmeal, but I'll have to try.

  7. oooh pretty blouse. Lovely find. That book on the otherhand. She looks like she is just about to have a coronary !

  8. really love the little French shirt :)

  9. Book title that would make you want to look into it for sure.
    Well done on shirt and hope you find more goodies soon to share with us all


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