Friday, 15 July 2011

Mini Gymnastics

There seems to be a real art to finding out what's on around here for little ones.  Even the Family Information Service only has a vague idea.  Anyway, this week I picked up a leaflet for the local sport centre, and spotted pre-school gymnastics, twice a week. Not enough information to really help, but as I park on their car park to go to town on Thursdays, I popped in to get informed.

And then today we went for the first time.  Just a quick post, because there's a very sleepy Squeaky on my shoulder. She LOVED it, absolutely loved it.  A mixture of guided running around/movement to music & then free time on the gym equipment.  Loads of mats out, but they get to have a go on the bars, the balance beam, jump off the vault horse, jump on the trampoline, dive off one mat onto another, silly stuff like that. And obviously parents get to help them, and roll around on the floor like fools.  There was also a load of balls, parachutes, tunnels etc, so a really great active play session.

I think this could become a regular fixture in our calendar.  It clashes with our Aquatots swimming on Fridays, but we can alternate.  And Daddy can go on Tuesdays if he's not at work, I was really pleased to see there were 3 or 4 other dads there, it makes it easier to convince him to go.

Shhhhh now though, Squeaky's napping.

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