Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Sudocrem Sunscreen Mousse Review

There's mousse loose aboot this hoose! (sorry, I couldn't resist that one! Be glad it's not the title.)

Do you remember sunshine?  I've got a dim & distant memory of a week back in March where the weather was glorious, Squeaky's nursery put signs up asking us all to bring in sunhats & sunscreen because the weather was changing.  And then it changed.  To rain, hailstones, gale force winds, and general greyness.  Bah!  It got us to thinking though, and we are off on our jollies in a while, so we needed to stock up on sunscreen anyway.

Sudocrem, the people better known for their nappy cream and skincare creams, have expanded their skincare range to include kids sun protection with a factor 50 Sunscreen Mousse, and we were lucky enough to be sent a can to try.  Unfortunately, they didn't send us any sunshine to test it with!

The can is nice and light, a big consideration when packing your suitcase (you should have seen us last month trying to avoid excess baggage charges by repacking at the airport!), being a pressurised can, and 150ml, it would have to go in the case.  The nozzle was easily pressed holding the can in one hand, leaving the other hand free to restrain a wriggling toddler, or to spray the mousse in to.

The mousse is perfume-free, which leaves it smelling a little bit meh, to tell the truth.  It's not nasty, it just smells a bit like nappy cream.  The fact it is perfume free, however, means it's better for sensitive skin like Squeaky's.  It's also free of colours, parabens & preservatives, meaning it's as gentle as possible.

As Squeaky's skin is sensitive, and she's in the middle of an eczema flair-up at present, I tried the mousse on me, rather than her.  The mousse is thicker/richer/heavier (I'm really not sure what the right word is) than I expected, denser than hair mousse & squirty cream, but much lighter than a "traditional" sunscreen, and rubbed into my skin easily.  The water resistance means it does leave a little bit of a physical barrier on the skin, but not so much that you'd notice, and no tell-tale white residue.  I think I'll try it on SqueakyDaddy on holiday too, he's got quite a hairy chest, and rubbing sunscreen in can be a real pain.

I'm glad I didn't take this one into the nursery, I'm keeping it for us!

Sudocrem Sunscreen Mousse is available from Boots, online and instore, RRP £15.00, but right now there's 1/3 off selected suncare products, making it a bargain £10.00.  For more information about Sudocrem Sunscreen Mousse, and the rest of the Sudocrem range, visit

I was sent a can of Sudocrem Sunscreen Mousse free of charge for the purpose of this review. I was not told what to write, and all opinions are my own. I am not a member of any affiliate programmes, links are provided for your convenience and I will not receive reward for your using them.

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