Monday, 21 May 2012

Magpie Monday - Overdue again

This could be a post about my library books, which were due back in mid-March but finally returned to their home last week. However, it's not (that was just a confession).  This is the Magpie Monday post I should have made 2 weeks ago, because then people would have recognised me at Cybher by my awesome butterfly top.

THIS awesome butterfly top.  Uttam London, probably for Topshop (they did a collection for them, apparently), via Age UK in Cannock.  It's unusual for me to be this level of flouncy & girly, but sometimes even I feel the need to be a bit pretty.  I actually had it in mind for holidays, but I think it's going to get quite a bit of wear at home too.  (I really have got to find a better way of photographing these, my carpet is horrible)

But as I said, my library books were well overdue, and I finally took them back last Thursday.  Fortunately for my thrifty (skinflint) soul, they were all Squeaky's books, and there's no fines on children's books at our library, so we got away with it.  I blame the mobile library. I rarely use it, and so keep missing it to give them the books back.  All's done now though.  But on our way back into town from the library, I popped into the cancer shop.  Not the Big Well Known cancer charity.  Not even the Slightly Smaller Well Known cancer charity.  Our local cancer charity shop.  I've noticed a real difference between the big name charity shops & the smaller local concerns.  The big names rotate stock fairly frequently, and talking to someone who works for one, I mean every couple of weeks.  So if you spot something you fancy, you have to grab it there & then, because it won't be there after payday.  The smaller charities don't have so many shops & can't do that.

Which leads me to this.  I'd been eyeing this top up a few weeks ago, but talked myself out of it for no obvious reason.  Left it there & moved on.  So when I popped in to the cancer shop on the way back from the library, I was really surprised to see it still there.  It was fate, destiny, or just a quirky red, white & blue top. As near to Jubilee & Olympic festivities as I'm likely to get. Bah Humbug & suchlike.

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  1. Re. your photos on carpet - try laying a plain tablecloth, or even a bedsheet, on the floor (ironed first so it looks good!) - gives a nice background for pics!

  2. I'm never all that lucky with charity shop tops - all bobbly Primark stuff here - good finds. I'm surprised someone didn't put the red white and blue one on eBay - it's crazy at the moment!

  3. Great Red White and Blue. The butterfly top was gorgeous too x

  4. That butterfly top is delightful, some sun this week to enjoy it too!


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