Friday, 18 May 2012

Monkey Music - The Day Is Here

Monkey Music, the baby & pre-school music classes, have been busy!  And you can join them even if, like us, you're too far away to attend a group.

To celebrate what should be an amazing summer of sport - Wimbledon, London 2012, Euro 2012, as well as the World Snooker Championships (yes, I do have to keep mentioning it for another few weeks!) - Monkey Music have recorded a charity single to raise money for Nordoff Robbins, which is available to buy online from today, as well as forming part of their classes.

Nordoff Robbins are an amazing charity, specialising in music therapy, and deliver sessions to children and adults with a range of physical and mental challenges, such as autism, dementia, learning difficulties, stroke, depression, brain injury, mental health problems, and terminal illness.

The song has been recorded by a group of children aged 7-9 years (two of whom are called Melody - how appropriate is that?), and tells the story of an exciting running race, just perfect for our sporty summer, and just the kind of song Squeaky enjoys at the moment.

Angie Coates, Founder of Monkey Music, said;
“Both Monkey Music and Nordoff Robbins offer children fresh opportunities and life changing experiences through music. We believe that by working together we can raise awareness of the benefits of music for everyone. It’s lovely to use 2012 and the summer of sport to engage the very youngest of children in the excitement of sport and the joy of music.”

Jo Carter, Director of Fundraising & Communications Nordoff Robbins said:
“We are delighted to be working with Monkey Music, to be sharing our mutual belief in the power of music and to help raise funds to continue transforming the lives of vulnerable children and adults across the UK. As a charity we rely entirely on voluntary donations, so the Monkey Music song released this summer is a great way to raise funds and awareness.”

For more information about the song, check out Monkey Music's News Page.

You can buy your copy online from Monkey Music's webshop for £2.99.  The single is on sale now, and all proceeds go to Nordoff Robbins.

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