Tuesday, 3 June 2014

I'm heading to #BritmumsLive

A huge apology to those who were hoping to avoid me, but it's not gonna happen, as in a couple of weeks I'll be jumping on a train to the bright lights of That London for my second appearance at BritmumsLive!  I'm bunking up with my partner in assorted crimes, Claire from http://www.ninjakillercat.co.uk/  in, I can't even remember where, but it's pretty close to The Brewery, and we have sworn a solemn promise not to eat any strange pizza toppings this year, no matter how tempting they may sound.

I hate writing these kind of posts, because I never know what to say, but here's a few things that might help you get to know me.

  • If I don't answer you it's not because I hate you, it's because I'm deaf & probably can't hear you.
  • I like wine, gin, vodka, coffee and diet coke. Not all at the same time.
  • If it sits still on a plate, or in a glass, I will at least consider trying to consume it.
  • Gin is the answer to many of life's questions.
  • I will be wearing flat shoes, no matter what a personal stylist might say.
  • I am not going to apologise for having a suntan, but I'm spending the preceding two weeks on holiday, so will be shattered.
  • My hair is currently messy, blonde-ish and wavy. However, a month ago it was neon pink, so there is no way of knowing what the next two weeks will hold.
  • Last year I managed to win both an iPad and a coffee machine, wonder what this year will hold?
So, what else should I say? I don't have a sponsor, my weekend is entirely my own.  I'll be the one looking a bit confused, trying to win stuff and eat cakes.  If you spot me, say hello, or hand me gin.  Gin in a tin.

How my hair might not look.

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