Tuesday, 3 June 2014


I'm sorry, but it's true. Farts are funny. Fact. I'm told this all the time by Squeaky, though being 4, she doesn't have the most refined sense of humour yet.  One day though.

It got me thinking, mind. Farts are generally funny, at least to break the ice if nothing else. Farts in a maths lesson, hilarious. Farts in a Pilates class, expected. Farts during a smear test, cringeworthy. It's something about the level of vulnerability, as well as the proximity of someone else's face to your stinking nethers.

So, come on, admit it, where's the worst place you've let rip? (For full disclosure, I was mentally writing this post while getting a bikini wax and holding in a mammoth trump.)

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  1. hahaha! This post made me laugh....
    Farts are funny!


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