Saturday, 31 May 2014

Going Old Skool

You may have notice that things have been a bit quiet of late in this here corner of the blogosphere.  Don't panic (or celebrate!), I'm not going to leave you, I've just been lacking in any sort of inspirational motivation, or mojo if you will.

Well, we can't have that, can we?  So, despite having the PC, the Crappy Lappy, the iThing, and my phone all eagerly waiting for me to type out the thoughts that pas through my tiny mind, I've gone Old Skool, and bought myself a notebook.  I secretly have a bit of a fetish for pretty stationery, and have way too many notebooks hanging around waiting to be used, but a new one is what's needed to get my mojo working, and so now, I can scribble my meaningless meanderings, and then type them up for your alleged enjoyment.  Everyone's a winner, or something.

My notebook. Seriously.

It's worked before, so let's hope it will break me out of my rut this time,  Until the point where I can't read my own handwriting, which is a very real possibility.  A former boss of mine once threatened to send me on a handwriting course, but honestly, I can write perfectly nearly when I need to, but the rest of the time my brain is ticking over faster than my pen can keep up, hence my chicken scratch writing style (and also why I'm so much happier behind a keyboard. I can't write at 50+ words a minute, but I sure as anything can type it!)

The other reason for going Old Skool is that I seem to spend a lot of the free time when I *could* blog in places with no signal, where self-important security people don't let me use technology, or just finding that the Android Blogger app hates me with a passion.  Old Skool pen & paper style is rarely banned from public places, and less prone to tech!fail, so in theory I can be a little bit more productive.  We shall see.

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