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The Mythical Deer of Cannock Chase

Despite living in South Wales, neither Daddy nor I are Welsh. I was born in Wolverhampton &; moved around a few bits of England before I settled in Wales, and Daddy grew up about 10 miles up the road in Cannock.  And that's where we've spent the weekend. Cannock. Famous for being the early years training ground of Stan Collymore, and that's about it as far as I can tell.

Warning. Mythical Deer.
Except for one thing. The deer. Cannock Chase is a pretty big expanse of woodland & the like on the edge of the town, and apparently home to a large population of fallow deer.  Which I'm not quite convinced actually exist. I mean, I've seen road signs, heard "friend of a friend" stories about deer leaping out at your car in the evenings, but actually seeing one?  No chance.  There's about as much chance of finding Bigfoot & Nessie out on a date at your local Pizza Hut.  I've just about convinced myself that the deer are nothing more than a myth, made up by the tourist office to make a fairly dull West Midlands town sound a bit more exciting.

No deer here
So, with that in mind, Daddy decided we should go out to look for the deer over the weekend. It kept me out of the pub, I suppose!  Off we went in the car, found a likely spot & hopped out for a walk.  Miss Squeaky decided that the best way to get the deer to show up was to call "Deers, come out, come out, wherever you are!" at the top of her voice. An interesting tactic, I'm sure you'll agree, but unfortunately not a terribly successful one, as they decided against.  We did see a few dogs though, out for a walk, and a fox, running across the road, but no deer.  According to Squeaky, the reason we didn't see the deer is because they were too busy chasing the fox.  Fair guess.

No deer here either
We did find a deer's bed, apparently. No deer in it, but that's what she decided.

The deer's bed, but no deer.
The only other thing Cannock Chase is famous for is, errr, people enjoying sexual encounters in public places.  So we decided to go home before it got too dark & the freaks came out to play. My commitment to blogging only goes so far.

A tree that sort of looks like antlers
Personally, I still think the deer are all a myth, and I think I know why.  There's an awful lot of trees on the Chase like the one pictured above.  From a distance, if you squint in the right way, they kind of look like antlers.  Sort of.  Maybe?

NB: I know that the deer are real, and just very shy animals, and the chance of seeing them in such an expanse of dense woodland is pretty slim. But I like to live in denial of the existence of certain things. Deer, the M50, and Jim Davidson don't exist in my world, and a very happy place it is too.

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  1. It's true, they do exist, and big red deer too I'm led to believe! Mind you, we've never seen them either, but know people who claim they have!

  2. Otters don't exist either. I've been to countless places where they're meat to be practically leaping out from behind every tree trunk or rock, and never seen any. ;)

    1. I'm so glad I'm not the only person who has problems with non-existent animals. ;)

  3. Hilarious...we are always on the hunt for bears but thankfully I am quite glad they appear to be mythical. I will be honest though after always seeing signs to watch out for deers jumping out and thinking "yeah right" it actually happened to me once! Does look like a rather nice walk though :)

  4. Well I know the exist in Cornwall and of course we have our own here at Coombe. Love the fact you went on a Deer hunt, at least you managed to get out and explore some beautiful grounds. Thanks for linking up and sharing your outdoor adventure with Country Kids.

  5. I would love to go here and it's not too far for us in Cheshire. One for my days out list. I bet all the deer watch the visitors and have a chuckle to themselves.

  6. There is meant to be mini deer here .. Have I seen one have I duck

  7. If you want to see deers go kingsley wood road slittingmill rugeley 100s of them


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