Saturday, 27 July 2013

Row, Row, Row your boat

When I was a lass, there was only 1 verse of Row, Row, Row your Boat.  And the most interesting thing about the song was that episode of Men Behaving Badly where they sing it in the pub.

Then along came Squeaky and language & play groups, and we learned "if you see a crocodile, don't forget to scream", and shortly after "Rock, rock, rock your boat, gently to and fro, Watch out, give a shout, into the water we go."

And a little while later we discovered CBeebies podcast and learned verses about polar bears and lions.  To be honest, I'm getting a bit concerned about this rowing expedition - it seemed to be going a very long way & through some very dangerous territory.

However, Squeaky is bored of the limitations of these, and has now made up her own verse. Inspired, I believe by our trip to Folly Farm last year. I'm kind of impressed, it rhymes & everything. Ladies & Gentlemen, I present the final verse.

Row, Row, Row your Boat
Gently to the sea
If you see a giraffe
Don't forget to wee-wee.


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