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Bacardi Cocktails with #cbias

Bacardi Cocktails with #cbias

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We've just got back home from a weekend away in (very) sunny Tenby, staying at a gorgeous little holiday park, and making the most of the chance to relax & soak up some sunshine.  We've been on quite a few £9.50 type holidays now, and we've got it down to a fine art.  Squeaky doesn't want to stay up all that late, we go to the kids disco, and sometimes she'll decide to join in, maybe we'll stick around for the quiz, then we head back off to our caravan, tuck her up in bed & kick back with a couple of drinks before going to sleep ourselves.
Club dances
Club dances, hooray!

Don't panic, my daughter does actually have shoes, she just preferred to take them off, for reasons best known to herself.

Well, a couple of days before we went, I spotted a "Shoppertunity" through Collective Bias to have a Bacardi cocktail party, and I thought this would go down pretty well with Daddy once Squeaky's dropped off.  You can have a look at my Google + album here to see how I got on shopping.

Wines & Spirits
My favourite aisle in Tesco

I made a mad rush to Tesco in Merthyr Tydfil, before we set off to the caravan to stock up on the essentials for a cocktail party in a new location.  It's amazing the things you never notice on a day to day basis.  I'm sure that flag has been up on the wall there for years, but I'd never noticed it until I took this picture.  I'm usually too busy looking at the wine!

Bacardi, and other rums
Checking out the rum

Rum is great stuff, though I didn't know there were so many variants of Bacardi.  Looking through my cupboard at home now, there's Bacardi, dark rum for drinking neat, dark rum for mixing, and navy rum for when I've got a sore throat.  That's not excessive, is it?  I mean, there's far more types on the shelf, aren't there?

Well, after piling everything into the back of the car, off we set for Pembrokeshire, a lovely drive down and settled into our caravan.  Friday evening we just had a quiet visit to the clubhouse, and an early night.  I had plans for Saturday!
Manorbier swimming pool
Don't you just want to dive in?

 Plans that admittedly involved a swim, and a trip to the beach.  But they're still plans.  Picnic sandwiches, sandcastles, and a paddle in the sea, all to build up an appetite.

Sandy sandwiches
Sand in my sandwiches. It's traditional.  Nails: Speciallita - Gracc Jelly - Queimada

Appetites built up, we headed back to the caravan for cocktails & a bit of a barbecue.  Daddy, while happy to join me on the cocktails, flatly refused to have his photo taken.  I think the umbrellas may have been a step too far!  I made up a selection of cocktails, with the Bacardi & peach schnapps I'd bought in Tesco, and a couple of other spirits I'd picked up from home.  I tried to recreate a few cocktails we'd had on holiday in the past, so there was the obvious Cuba Libre and Mojito (Daddy opted for the Cuba Libre, the Mojito was all mine.  Never come between me & my Mojito, unless you're offering me another).  Then there was a brown cow, made with Bacardi, dark rum & chocolate milk. Not quite as sweet as you'd think, but very rich, and I probably couldn't drink more than one of them.  Daddy wasn't impressed, but he's a hard man to please sometimes.

Cocktails, ready to drink
L-R Liquid Cocaine, Brown Cow, Cuba Libre, Mojito, Drama Queen
My last pair of cocktails were a bit more experimental - I remembered a cocktail from my dim & distant past called Liquid Cocaine, but couldn't find a recipe online that matched what I knew was in it.  There should be some pineapple juice in here, but I'd only got orange, so it's Bacardi, Amaretto & Orange juice. Sweet, addictive, and I could drink it all night.  The other is a twist on a "Sex On The Beach", as I was using Bacardi rather than vodka, and the internet tells me that Bacardi, Peach Schnapps & Orange Juice is a Drama Queen.  Again, very sweet, but Daddy preferred this one.  He must like drama queens, otherwise he wouldn't have married me!

Somehow, in amongst all the cocktail making, we safely managed to have a little barbecue as well.  Squeaky was safely tucked up in bed, having insisted on "normal" hot dogs for tea.  I love summer evenings, it stays so light so late, we were still sitting out til well past my bedtime!  Sausages, pork chops in a gorgeous BBQ sauce, and jacket potatoes with cheese oozing out.  Once we'd finished our barbecue, we were considerate caravan neighbours & made sure the fire was safely out before going to bed for a very well earned rest.

an ex-barbecue
The aftermath


  1. Liquid cocaine - are you sure that was a cocktail lol?
    I love Bacardi, in fact I love all cocktails, you have made me want a cocktail party now yummm

  2. wonderful cocktails, a bbq and kiddie in bed. My idea of bliss!

  3. The Brown Cow sounds yummy! I'm a bit of a sucker for cocktails that are basically alcoholic puddings :-)

  4. Brown cow looks s innocent - like chocolate milk, but I bet it's got a bit of oomph to it :)

  5. Pembrokeshire is very close to my neck of the woods, I hope you had a lovely time. I don't drink alcohol but the Drama Queen cocktail looks very appealing.


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