Thursday, 11 July 2013

Learning to Lie

As our little ones get older, the milestones get less obvious. First tooth, first word, first step, we all know about them, but as they reach pre-schoolerhood the milestones aren't so easy to notice, and they can just pass you by if you're not paying attention.  I'm trying to keep an eye out, but it's difficult.  And I'm not 100% sure how I feel about our latest milestone.

Over the weekend, we spent the most of our time out in the garden, including having tea outside, as the weather's been so good.  I popped into the house to get something, and Squeaky followed me.  She asked for an ice-lolly.  I knew she'd just been at the table eating her tea, so I asked her how much she'd eaten (knowing she hadn't actually had much), she said "lots", so I said "what would daddy say if I asked him?"  Quick as a flash, she says "Don't ask Daddy!"  Hmmmm...

Ice Cream, motivation to lie
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Then yesterday, Daddy & Squeaky went to the beach, while I was slaving away over a hot computer at work.  When I got home, she told me what they'd been up to, and the first thing she mentioned was a smarties ice-cream she'd eaten.  About an hour later, again she asks for an ice lolly.  I asked her if she'd had an ice cream that day, she said no.  Just like before I said "What would daddy say if I asked him?" And just like before, she replies "Don't ask Daddy!"

I know it's part of a wider stage of development, not just lying, but becoming aware that different people know different things, that she can know something I don't, and vice versa.  But when it comes in the form of lying, I'm just not sure what to do. I want to encourage her development, to learn independently and to enjoy that learning, but I don't want the whole motivation being more ice creams! And I certainly don't want to encourage her to expand her lying repertoire, at least right now she's not very convincing!


  1. you wait until she gets to be a teenager....

  2. Though that could be a lie I just told

  3. And the art of manipulation begins ... Now miss squeaky did you tell your other half all your nail purchases


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