Thursday, 18 July 2013

Preparing for Denmark

Way back in time (May, actually), I was sat watching the Eurovision Song Contest with my beloved husband, and keeping up with the snarky comments on twitter (how did we watch the Eurovision before twitter came along?), when a tweet went past my eye that I couldn't look away from. Kenco Millicano were running a twitter competition during the Eurovision to win a trip to the winning country. Wild horses couldn't keep me from that one.  So I was amazed when I had a tweet a few days later telling me I'd won a trip to Denmark!  Copenhagen here we come!  (Secretly I was slightly relieved that Azerbaijan didn't win, I can't see them having a big tourism industry)

We've picked our dates, arranged a sleepover for Squeaky, and preparation is firmly afoot.  I'm not great at geography, but I've figured out where Denmark is, and a few important facts.  Denmark is the home of Danish Bacon, Danish Pastries, Carlsberg, and Hans Christian Andersen.  We're off to Copenhagen, the capital city, home of the Little Mermaid statue, and the Tivoli Gardens which seem to be a mix of theme park, showground, concert venue & everything else you can imagine!

I'm in the middle of researching places to go & see, so if you've got any suggestions, or know anyone who knows anyone, if you know what I mean, please do tell!

In the meantime, if you want me, I'll be here, getting in the mood...


  1. mmmmmm danish bacon hope its quicker than my Premier Inn breakfast this morning! 45 minutes

    1. That's not good, I hope it was worth the wait when they finally bought it to you! I'd've been eating the table by that time.

  2. Well done on winning the competition!! Bet you'll have a fabulous time!


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