Monday, 2 April 2012

Pull Your Finger Out!

A two parter.

Part 1 - a mini rant.  How long does it take a flaming solicitor to get the searches done on our (potential) new house? I want it NOW, not some indistinct point in the future. NOW dammit!

Part 2. Squeaky is a nose-picker, as are many kids her age. We do the best we can to discourage her from this in the daytime, but we have a bigger problem. She picks her nose in her sleep. To the extent that she gives herself nosebleeds.  There's something quite horrifying about being greeted by a bloodstained toddler at 6-something in the morning.  Aside from keeping her nails short, has anyone got any suggestions what we can do?  HELP!!

1 comment:

  1. Have you tried running a humidifier in her room? If her nose isn't feeling all dry and icky, she's less likely to pick it, I'd say.


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