Sunday, 15 April 2012

Cybher - 4 weeks to go

Scary, isn't it? 4 weeks time, it'll all be over, I'll be back home, and recovering from a weekend's jaunt to That London for, well, I don't know what really.  I'm feeling unreasonably nervous, considering it IS still 4 whole weeks away, though it's a pretty busy 4 weeks.  And I'm making a list of the things I need to/would like to get done in preparation.

  • Get my laptop fixed.  I am definitely not a techie.  My lappie only has a little problem. That problem is Linux, and I don't know how to do anything with it.  As a result of running Linux & me not having a clue, it's running Firefox 2.something, and most webpages won't let me open them any more as it's prehistoric.  I'm sure it's only a 10 minute job for someone who understands these things, but that someone is not me.
  • Get my hair cut.  Vanity, yes, but it's looking a mess and I really need time to get it dealt with.
  • Choose clothes! Arghh!  This is probably the biggest issue. What to wear? Comfy & Casual, Charity Shop Chic, random mismatched & nearly clean, or quirky but liable to flash too much flesh? Decisions!
  • Work out the logistics of delivering Squeaky to my mum's, attending a beach-clean-up on the Friday morning, and getting back here in time to get the train to London on Friday afternoon. At some point I should try & see Daddy too, I think!
  • Work out how to find the hotel.  I get into Paddington at about 7.30pm, and then have to find my way across London.  Anyone who's met me will know my sense of direction is pretty much non-existent.  I have lost entire motorways before.  This could be a major challenge.  The hotel's directions look pretty easy, but I know me.  (In fact, I'm going to stick them on the bottom of the post for safe keeping)
  • See if anything is happening on the Friday evening, or should I just hold my very own PG Party in my room? PG Tips, Pinot Grigio & Pringles, along with having a TV remote all to myself.  In fact, that idea sounds better by the minute!
  • Grow a backbone.  I DO know people who are going.  I've met some of you before.  I've spoken to far more online.  Let's face it, a few years back, I went to Canada to spend a week with a bunch of Crazy Internet People I'd never met before, I'm sure I can manage a weekend in London!
Right. It looks quite manageable there, and the worries at least slightly irrational.  I'll get there.  I can always get a taxi if I'm completely lost. And I've got friends I can call.  Bring it on!  I'll see you there.

(Directions for finding the hotel. From Paddington – On the underground, take the Bakerloo line southbound to Charing Cross. Exit the station onto the Strand. The Strand Palace Hotel is on the Easterly side of the Strand. Walk in the opposite direction to Trafalgar Square for about 500 metres. The hotel is on your left.)

Cow & Gate Growing Up Milk are sponsoring me to attend the CybHer conference in May 2012.

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