Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Mummies need bathroom breaks too!

Argh! Do you know how difficult it is to use a public toilet with a small baby in tow?  Without a handy daddy, grandparent or friend to take over baby-wrangling duties for a couple of minutes?

Nightmare springs to mind.

So, on that basis, let's give a big hand to the following:
  • Mothercare in Cardiff - "normal" cubicles big enough to push a trolley or pushchair in to.
  • Charnock Richard services on the M6
  • Waitrose in Abergavenny
  • Morrisons in Barry, all of which have the sense to put a cubicle in the baby change room (as opposed to putting the baby change in the disabled toilets)
Baby change in the disabled toilets is all well & good, if you can deal with the queue, but a cubicle in a baby change facility means more than one baby can be changed, and Mommy can deal with her own call of nature as well as baby's.

I thank various deities for a cast-iron bladder, and make the most of every opportunity to pee I get now, I never know when the chance will next arise!

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