Monday, 6 September 2010


We're getting quite distinct "mama" and "dada" now, in addition to "baba", and of course "baboon" and random screeching and raspberries.

She doesn't really know *when* to use them yet, though she can manage some impeccable timing through sheer coincidence.  Like when I've taken her off to the bathroom for a wash, and she calls "Dada" to come and rescue her, or when I'm not delivering her weetabix at the desired rate and I get nagged "Mama" to hurry up.  And that one time where she broke off in the middle of a feed to announce "boob" at my boob.

Also, I love how babies have conversations between themselves.  They really do, they take it in turns to say something, then the other one reacts, and oh it's adorable.  I wonder what they're telling each other?

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  1. I'm so excited for consonants! So far we have a kind of "hah", which I think is accidental...


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