Saturday, 25 September 2010

Double Nappies, DUR!

We've been at this double nappy malarky for a month or more now, the appointment with the paediatric orthopaedic guy is in a couple of weeks, then maybe we'll be sorted.

So why has it taken me this long to realise that double nappies can actually make things easier, not harder?  For ages I've been completely removing the outer nappy before starting on the inner, cleaning, etc.  Then getting the inner nappy out of the way, putting the outer in place as the new inner, then a new outer.  And one day it occurred to me - if I leave the outer nappy underneath, then when I remove the inner, it's already there underneath the (hopefully) clean bottom, ready to be stuck down & I only need to do half as much "bum in the air" getting a nappy underneath.

Some days I really do wonder about myself, you know.

In other news, the new curtain rail is now up, and having a 24 hour cooling off period before I try putting curtains on it & putting Squeaky back where she belongs at night.  I don't trust curtain rails, never mind our DIY skills (apologies to anyone following me on twitter, I had a bit of a meltdown).

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