Thursday, 9 September 2010

Moving on

As I mentioned in my last post, one of the big news items in Squeaky's world over the last couple of weeks is that she's moved into her own bedroom at last!  It's taken time, for a fair number of reasons, not least being that I needed to sort out the junk that had accumulated in her room & decorate it, but now she's there.

With teething at the same time, maybe it wasn't the ideal moment, but it was overdue, and it's done.  We've kept a single bed in there for the time being, and so if she has a bad night, I can sleep in there with her to be able to comfort her without waking SqueakyDaddy.  And we have had some difficult nights.  I've spent a couple of full nights in there, and a couple of half nights, but I'm determined to make it stick, and I'm not bringing her back into our room.  Not now.  I guess it's a combination of things - being in the room on her own & not being able to hear us, it's darker than our room, it smells different (new furniture, etc), the light from the baby monitor & smoke/co alarms, and the ever present teeth.

It's done though, and I'm so pleased.  The room's lovely, and almost finished, though I want to add a few more stencils when I get chance (this weekend, maybe?).  The walls are a slightly terrifying shade of peptobismol pink, the carpet's denim blue (chosen long before Squeaky came along, but it's the only new carpet in the house & I'm not changing it), dark red curtains.  I wanted to put some sort of design on the walls, not a frieze, and nothing too complicated because I've painted over the textured wallpaper (the walls in this house are craptastic & I really didn't want the hassle)  So I went looking for some sort of simple stencils I could use, without costing me a fortune.  And I found shaped cookie cutters in the pound shop - hearts, flowers & stars, in varying sizes.  Look! 

There's more that I haven't photographed - bright BRIGHT green stars over the top of the window, and stars in 2 shades of blue around the cot, but this gives you an idea.  The paints I used for the designs were all sample pots from B&Q's kids range. I don't think I could live with any of them for an entire wall, never mind a room, but for details, they're great.

Honestly, I could have spent a fortune in doing this, but 7 test pots at about 75p each = £5.25, plus £3 for the stencils.  If telly hadn't moved on from interior design to antiques & property development, I'd be camped outside the BBC right now demanding a job.  In fact, maybe I will do anyway, can't hurt, can it?


  1. Beautiful way to add special touches! I found simple stencils at and because we rent our home we are able to remove them without damaging the walls or having to repaint. Your's looks great!

  2. Thanks, Bean's Mom. They were fun to do, too. Renting can be a nightmare when you want to make a place your own, can't it?


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