Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Tact & diplomacy

Over a week since our last update, but now Squeakydaddy has gone back to work, so I have more time to do stuff. Yeah, go figure.

Squeaky is 2 and a half months old now. How does that in any way suggest that she's ready to eat chocolate? From someone who has two children and at least half a dozen grandchildren (I've lost count, the one son is a veritable machine). And how do I politely say "Thanks, but no thanks"?

Oh, but I might have the solution. Squeaky is going through another of her "not putting much weight on" phases. We've been here before, so I'm less concerned than the health visitor. She piles it on for a few weeks, then stalls for a couple, then piles it on again. So we've sent a poo sample to the hospital for lactose intolerance tests, and I'm experimenting with soy milk. This could be our chocolate escape route, without offending my crazy family. Wish us luck, it's weigh-in day today.

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