Sunday, 28 March 2010

Squeaky On Tour

Against my better judgement, we took Squeaky to the in-laws on Friday. Packed up everything into the too-small car & set off. Strensham services surprised me by actually having a "Baby Care" room next door to the disabled loos, with a changing table, sink, and chair so Squeaky could have her lunch in privacy without me being sat on a slightly smelly toilet, as is often the case. Sadly, they should have made the sign on the outside of the door a bit bigger, and possibly added "THIS IS NOT A TOILET", because I was barged out of the way as I was leaving the room by a very rude older lady with a walking frame, and after I explained 3 times that there wasn't a toilet in that room, and showed her that it wasn't a toilet, I then got a mouthful from her. Err, excuse me? Did I design the place? Am I the one who doesn't bother to read or listen? Well then. Grrr.

Ignorant old ladies aside, the weekend went surprisingly well. Better than I anticipated. Squeaky was almost at her best behaved, though after a few hours of cuddles and cooing by various elderly aunties, she did demand dinner at the top of her little lungs. On the whole though, she was quiet and cute, and slept like a sleepy creature at night, my biggest concern. Knowing how much she sleeps in the car, I was fully expecting a whole night of screaming, shouting and general fussing, but she's getting the hang of the idea of bedtime is for sleeping, not playing, and she does settle pretty well. So now we have our holidays to look forward to, and I'm a little less apprehensive of going places in the future. Win for Squeaky, I think.

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