Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Stealth poop and daisies

Squeakybaby, daddy and I went to meet her great-grandma for the first time yesterday, thanks to a bit of subterfuge involving my aunt and a factory shopping outlet. We had a lovely meal and shopping trip, and Squeaky was at her well-behaved in public best, aside from one stinky nappy shortly after we arrived. Easily dealt with, and on with the day.

At some point during the hour-long journey home (and I suspect at the start) however, Squeaky did what I can only describe as a Stealth Poop. Honestly, this child doesn't see the need to share with me the fact that she's filled her nappy, and would rather sit in poop until I notice. Not a squeak out of her, and strangely, not a whiff out of the nappy. So by the time we got home, she'd been festering in her own filth for somewhere in the region of an hour, and her poor, delicate baby's bum was all red & sore. I've explained to her that she's better off telling me these things, because then she won't be sore again, but I don't hold out much hope.

I've turned into a bit of a tree-hugging hippy-mom. Aside from the breast-feeding (it's cheaper, it's easier, and I might as well get some use out of the jugs nature so kindly provided me with), we've been using some lovely nappy/boob/anything sore cream called Kamillosan that's chamomile based, rather than the horrible looking & smelling Sudocrem. Seems to work wonders too. The sore bum of yesterday is still looking a little pink, but it's drying out well, and aside from when she actually has a nappy change, she's forgotten all about it.

Does that mean my baby's dirty nappies really are full of flowers?

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  1. Might sound odd, but squirt some of your milk on her rash, and that oughta clear it right up!


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