Sunday, 21 March 2010

An Outing

Today we went off to Cardiff Bay, so that Squeakydaddy could run the Sport Relief Mile (or three in his case, for some reason or other). I don't mind these kind of things, as long as no-one expects me to run. I wasn't built for running, and I don't really plan to start now, sorry.

Anyways, as usual with any trip out lasting more than a couple of hours, Squeaky needed both changing and feeding. And I was SO impressed. I knew that Cardiff Bay is "officially" breastfeeding friendly but wasn't sure what to expect. I strolled into the Millennium Centre, as being a suitably large & public building, and I didn't really fancy the disabled/baby change portaloo outside. Toilets are toilets, but these were clean and well sized, which is a good start.

After a quick nappy change, I asked the duty manager if there was somewhere I could feed Squeaky. Now, I've said before that I've fed in public in a few places, but I didn't expect to be told that I was welcome to feed anywhere in the building! I was also offered the choice of somewhere a bit more private, and shown to the medical suite, where Squeaky could have her dinner in peace. Much nicer than sitting on a toilet seat somewhere, which has been known.

All in all, ten out of ten for Cardiff Bay!

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