Friday, 30 April 2010

Silence is golden

OK, OK. I'm rubbish at finding the time to sit down & write anything. So, a brief overview of the less full-post-on-their-own-worthy things of the last few weeks.

We went to the park, and it was lovely. I got sunburned, Squeakydaddy ran round the lake 3 times for no obvious reason, and Squeaky slept through it all under the cover of her buggy. Parc Bryn Bach is lovely, one of the most well-designed parks I've ever seen, and very very inclusive. The trail around the lake is paved & flat, so cyclists, buggies and wheelchairs can all get round comfortably. They rent out bikes, trikes, tandems, trandems (I may have just invented this word), and various configurations of bikes for people with disabilities, about half the staff in the visitors centre have some degree of learning disability, even the kids play area has a roundabout accessible to wheelchairs. Honestly, the place is lovely. And a changing/feeding/whatever room almost the size of my lounge. And most surprising of all, the place is run by the council! Local Government Win for once!!!

Other places made of baby changing & feeding WIN at the moment are Mothercare, and The Mall in Bristol. Both of which have seen my boobs in the last week or so, as well as Squeaky's bottom.

Speaking (Squeaking?) of Mothercare, I'm so glad I went down there the other day. Before Squeaky was born, we bought an Infantino baby sling 2nd hand from someone. While we've had a little bit of use out of it, it just felt kind of insecure, and I was beginning to think it'd been a waste of money. And now it's on a recall! So I get a better carrier as a replacement, brand new. Hooray.

There may be more posts to come shortly, but we're off on our holidays next week, squeaking our way to north Wales, so you might have to excuse another gap. Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.

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