Monday, 12 April 2010

Like Mother, Light Daughter

Squeaky has lots of friends. A few of them are the other babies she meets at Boobie Club (our name for the breastfeeding support group), some are her toys, and the rest are random items. Maybe I should introduce the cast members.

Plant - strangely enough, this is a plant. To be specific, it's a poinsettia that's been living on the windowsill since before Christmas. How it's still alive is a mystery to me, but as long as Squeaky keeps talking to it, I'm glad it's going strong.

Mask - a lovely red & cream Venetian mask above the bed. Clearly fascinating first thing in the morning, and gives her someone to talk to when she decides that sleep is for other people.

Lightbulb - Oh, her best friend. All her best friends are lightbulbs. The conversations they've had, the fun they've shared! Even when a light is switched off, it's still worth staring at for a while in case it comes on and she can talk to it for a while.

I mentioned this to SqueakyGran the other day. BIG mistake. She just laughed, and "kindly" reminded me that lightbulbs used to be my friends too. And more to the point, that I would spend many a happy car journey talking to, and feeding, the streetlights. I'm not entirely clear on how I fed streetlights, let alone why, but it's true. As soon as she said it, I remembered it quite clearly. I wonder who feeds them now. I hope they're not too hungry.

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