Friday, 31 January 2014

My Swimathon training

It's coming round very fast.  Seven weeks tomorrow, I'll be dangling my toes on the edge of a pool, preparing to swim 5 kilometres.  That's just over 3 miles in old money.  All in the name of charity, and giving myself a challenge.

Today I hit the pool for the first time in a couple of weeks, as I had a bit of time off work, and needed to get on with a decent distance swim to see how much work I was going to need to do.  And in 1 hour, 15 minutes, I swam the first 2 1/2 kilometres, 100 lengths of the council pool, without dying of boredom, or threatening to kill any of the annoying people getting in my way.  Seriously, 100 lengths without murderous rage.  That's a new record for me.  Swimming might be relaxing for some, but if there's someone swimming breast-stroke with one foot on the floor cutting in front of me & slowing down, I'm going to get grumpy.

I haven't even got the help of my Speedo Aquabeat, because I've lost the charging cable, and the battery's deader than my local on a Tuesday night.  I've ordered a new one online though, so all should be well soon.  Suggestions for songs to add to my swimming soundtrack will be gratefully received, I've got a lot of time to fill!

As well as swimming to build up my distance, I've been working on my general fitness, which is otherwise pretty bad.  It's difficult fitting a regular commitment in around work, school runs, and a husband who works shifts, but I'm doing the best I can.  Zumba and Bokwa have made an appearance in recent weeks, and I've been surprised by how much I'm enjoying it.  I'm not the most co-ordinated person in the world, but it's actually quite good fun jumping around like a loon, and no-one's watching.

If you haven't sponsored me yet, why on earth not?  Every penny counts.  You can click this link - or the badge somewhere over on the right hand side. But do it, people!  Go on!

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