Sunday, 12 January 2014

Kia-Ora's too fruity for crows!

It's just for me & my dog!

(sorry, a bad old advert there).  This is nothing to do with Kia-Ora, and everything to do with an old photo, as my dear friend Ginger Elanor, of Elanor's Nails wants to see pictures of readers & their dogs.

I haven't got any pets at the moment, though there's a friendly robin, and a blackbird family that pop into my back garden every morning for their breakfast.  They're not dogs though, and the rule was dogs.  So off to the archive we go.

I can't find a picture of me & my dog, but this is the one & only Fred Bassett, who I grew up with, in his favourite position - flaked out in the garden.  Don't blame him really.


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