Saturday, 1 February 2014

I Wish I Was There...

In the interests of full disclosure, I'm writing this post whilst half watching the opening match of this year's Six Nations rugby.  And considering the weather, which has been a hailstorm all morning, I certainly don't wish I was there at the Millennium Stadium.  Far too cold.

Instead, I wish I was here...

Regular readers, and personal friends will recognise this photo, because I absolutely love it.  The photo was taken in  Neos Marmaras, Halkidiki, Greece, when I'd just got off a boat trip.  Boats are totally not my scene, I don't do boats without extreme terror, but this boat trip was the only way to see places on the other peninsulas so I put on my big girl pants, got on board and sat below deck crying.  We stopped here in Neos Marmaras, and the rest of the tour group spent their time exploring chic boutiques and coffee shops, whereas I just made the most of being on dry land again.  We walked up a little hill, and I spotted this view between two houses, out over the bay, and froze.  It just epitomises everything Greek to me, that shade of blue, the whitewashed walls, it's just everything Greek.  I can almost taste the glass of ouzo.

Right now, with the hailstones rattling against the window, and the winter showing no signs of letting up, this where I really wish I was.  The photo was taken in the years pre-Squeaky, but I just know she'd love Greece as much as I do, the beaches, the food, the dancing, though she'll have to wait a good few more years before the ouzo!

What about you? Are you keeping yourself going through the winter months by looking back over your summer snaps?  Where do you wish you were right now?  Thomson Al Fresco want to know, and they've got a competition to win a Nikon D3200 DSLR camera for sharing your wishes.

Disclosure: This is my entry to the Thomson Al Fresco Wish I Was There competition.  I have not been compensated for the post.

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