Thursday, 11 April 2013

Worst Window Views

I had an email land in my inbox recently, asking about my worst ever window view.  My mind was immediately cast back to last summer, when I spent the evening after Cybher with Helen from Petitmom, Di from Superlucky and Claire from Ninja Killer Cat, in a hotel room with a view of a semi-naked 50-something bloke watching tv in his living room.

Not a flashback I really needed, to be honest.  And not a picture anyone needs to see.

So I thought a bit harder.  And had a good old look through my photo collection.  I rarely think to take photos from hotel windows, which is a shame, because my room in the same hotel as above had a wonderful view of, err, some scaffolding.    I normally only take photos of particularly attractive views from windows.  The boring views I tend to ignore & leave the curtains shut.  But then I hit the proverbial goldmine.

Room with a view, Toronto style
This is genuinely the view that greeted me from a hotel window in Toronto.  It wasn't the most salubrious area of Toronto, to tell the truth.  I didn't really see much of it the evening I arrived, and I was pretty shattered after my flight.  When my friend joined me a couple of hours later, we ventured across the road to a 24-hour supermarket for essential coffee & snacks, and collapsed without checking out the view.  It was only the following morning that I opened the curtains to find, well, judge for yourself.  A wall, a wheelbarrow, some scaffold poles, and I don't even want to consider what was in that box.
Room with a view, Niagara style

Fortunately, this was strictly a one night stay.  We moved on to Niagara that morning, where we had a much more exciting view of, errrr, a car park.  Seriously.  But it's Niagara.  You're not there to look out of your hotel window.  You're there to look at the falls, which even a couple of streets back from the main attraction still provides the most incredible soundtrack to your stay imaginable.

Despite really not hitting the jackpot with my hotel views in Canada, I still had a fantastic week with old & new friends (and got asked for ID going into a casino, at the ripe old age of 31!)

This post is my entry to the Wooden Blinds Direct worst window view competition.  If you want your chance to win a Kindle Fire, share your own view, but get in quick, the competition closes on 12 April!

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  1. I remember these views! HA HA! Love you, darling!


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