Wednesday, 17 April 2013

The Daxon VIP Challenge

Those folk at Daxon have challenged their VIP bloggers again.  This time, we've been challenged to pick an outfit, for up to £200, and someone will win their choices.  Sounds good to me.

Well.  Some friends of ours have just announced their engagement (and about time too, if you ask me!).  So, in anticipation of the date being set, I've got to choose an outfit for a wedding.
First off, I've chosen this Anne Weyburn dress for £69.00.  It's pretty, it's unusual, and the flower on the front adds a lovely bit of detail perfect for a summer wedding.  I think it'd work quite nicely on holiday as well, strolling along a foreign beach as the sun goes down, sitting by the beach bar with a cocktail in hand.  Sorry, I forgot I was a parent for a minute then.  Ah well, dream on.
Then, to go with the dress, I've gone for these silver sandals for £24.00.  I'm not very good at heels, and like shoes that look pretty but are still sensible & practical.  These tick all my boxes, and I could dance the night away in them.  Wedding disco.  That means the Cha Cha Slide and a bit of shuffling round in circles with your loved one, doesn't it?

Being paranoid about the British weather, I'd need a jacket to go with the dress in case of sudden downpours.  I've opted for this Anne Weyburn jacket at £55.00.  It's light enough to not weigh you down, but will take the chill off shoulders in the evening, and keep the dress pretty if the British summer plays its usual games!
What good is a new outfit without a new handbag?  Especially if there's a wedding to go to.  That's why I've chosen this gorgeous little zip bag for £23.00.  Just big enough for a lipstick, purse, phone, and the all-important confetti!

So, what do you think guys? Will I be the most glamorous guest at the wedding?  Or should I worry about outshining the bride?  Let me know what you think of my choices.

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  1. Love your choices - might have a look on the Daxon website myself now!


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