Monday, 22 April 2013

Splish Splash

I started writing this post a few days ago, you know.  And it was so bad that I tried to scrunch up the monitor & throw it in the bin.  Really, it was awful.  So I gave up, but I didn't stop thinking.

This is my bathroom... Inoffensive, bland, with horrible swaggy blinds that weren't fashionable even when the house was being a showhouse in 1991.  (Please ignore the large number of toys at the end of the bath, and assorted cosmetics on the windowsill).  It's a massive improvement on the bathroom in my old house, which I don't even have photos of.  It was chocolate brown.  Need I say more?  This one, at least, is white.

Tots100 and Bathshop321 have joined up to ask about our dream bathrooms.  This was the point where I got a bit carried away the other day, and went off into a crazy fantasy world of built in tellies, self-filling wine fridges, and a view of the ocean.  I even drew a picture.  No-one needed to see it, it was terrible.  I can't draw for toffee.  And it wasn't true.  OK, there was a heated towel rail included too, and that is my One True Ambition in life.  I SO want a heated towel rail.  I get all excited when I stay in a hotel and there's a heated towel rail there, I'm like a kid at Christmas.  I know radiators warm towels up just as well, but they're not the same, or not in my head anyway.

The truth of my ideal bathroom is much simpler.  I want to get rid of the horrible blinds, the beige carpet (and the green mats), the wood, and the beigey wallpaper.  In its place, I want clean lines, simple blue & white, with a Greek Key design.  Something that reminds me of holidays, lazing by the pool. Somewhere I can relax & let the stress float away.

I didn't draw you a picture of this.  Instead, I took a stroll through my photos, through my memories, and found the picture that serves as my inspiration.  So this, then, is what inspires my dream bathroom.  I took this photo a good few years ago now, in Neos Marmaras in Greece.  That shade of blue is so evocative of Greece, and makes me feel so at peace, I'd love to have that in my bathroom.  In fact, I'd probably get this picture blown up to put on the wall above the bath.

So there you have it, my simple vision for my dream bathroom.  Greek blue & white, with a heated towel rail.  A girl's got to have a dream, right?

As well as asking about our dream bathrooms, Tots100 and Bathshop321 are giving one lucky blogger the chance to win a new bathroom suite.  If I was that person, I think I'd choose the Galaxia showerbath suite, and be able to bathe or shower in style.  The lines fit well with my blue dream, and it's modern but comfortable, everything I need.

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