Monday, 2 July 2012

Great Garden Moments!

I know, there's not much summer happening out there at the moment.  But dodging the rainshowers, freak hail storms and the crisp packets that appear over our fence from next door (I'm watching you!), there's nothing better than getting outside for a bit of fresh air in your own space.

Really, I'd hoped this post was going to be about Squeaky & I enjoying our new garden in our new house, but the fates seem to have decided that's not going to happen, or not yet anyway.  Never mind.  We still have a yard, we still have fresh air, and we can still have some fun.  You don't need a manicured lawn, or beautiful borders to enjoy the garden, especially when you're a toddler.  That's what I love the most about my garden, grey as it is, the fun Squeaky has with nothing more than her imagination!

Remember back in March, we had a week of really nice weather?  Cast your mind back.  Think about those few days when you put on your cropped jeans & left your coat at home.  Well, we made the most of them.  Squeaky chose her own outfit, and headed out into the back yard to get on with some much needed yard work.  Honestly.  I put the kettle on, and when I looked back, this is what I saw!

That's right, a cotton shirt dress, sequinned leggings, snowboots, gloves and a bobble hat.  And once I'd recovered from my fit of giggles long enough to get the camera, this happened.

Do you think she's trying to tell me something?  Now, if only I could get her to use the hoover as well!

This post is my (very last minute) entry to the great garden moments competition with Furniture Village.

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