Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Credit where it's due - Schwarzkopf

I'll be the first to admit I spend more time ranting on my blog than giving praise where it's due.  But that's about to change with this post.  I really have to share a piece of wonderful customer service I recently encountered, in the hope that other companies might take note.

If you've met me, or looked through my photos, you'll notice that I like my hair dye.  My natural hair colour is very dark brown, and it's been going slowly grey since the grand old age of 16.  I've been colouring it ever since, and have pretty much worked my way through all the brands on the market.
My hair, with added grumpy expression!

Last month, I popped into our local supermarket to pick up a new box of hair dye, but didn't get to immediately doing the colour.  Lost the receipt somewhere along the way (honestly, who actually keeps receipts they need? Yes, there's dozens in my handbag, but they're invariably for sandwiches & cans of pop).  When I opened the box to colour my hair, I was frustrated to say the least when I found that there wasn't actually any colourant in there, just the developer and conditioner.  Oh Noes! Grey roots!  In days of yore I would have had to say "Sucks to be me" and buy a new one, probably muttering bad things about the brand & not buying from them again for a few years, even though they're a favourite.

However, this is the 21st century, and we are all citizens of the digital community, or something.  So, I did want any self-respecting netizen would do, I took to twitter and facebook.  I found the company's pages, and told them.  They replied and gave me an email contact.  I emailed them with the full details.  Next day I got a phone call asking me for a little bit of extra info, and lo & behold, by the weekend, they had sent me a brand new box of my hair dye to replace my dodgy box, and a personal letter as well.

So this post is a big "Thank you" to the lovely people at Schwarzkopf for making hair colours I like, and for a fantastic piece of customer service.  A few other companies could learn from this.  I'll definitely be buying from them in the future.

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