Friday, 20 January 2012

Toddler Takeover!

As it was Squeaky's birthday this month, we took her and her friend Pirategirl (not her real name, oddly enough) to Techniquest in Cardiff for their toddler day as a birthday treat.  I didn't realise about this til fairly recently, but the first Friday of the month is Toddler Day, with reduced prices for grown-ups (including a free cuppa, always welcome), toddler friendly activities, storytelling, crafts, and general toddler-style mayhem.

Mama gets artsy with water shots
I'd actually taken Squeaky to Techniquest in the autumn, but when it's general opening, there's older children around who don't always appreciate a marauding toddler haring up & down the floor-piano while they're trying to play chopsticks with their feet.  So while she'd enjoyed it, I felt that I'd spent so much time saying "no" that she hadn't really had chance to really explore.  Toddler Days seemed like a good way around that.


Off we wombled.  And off they went.  The place was manic, to tell the truth.  We got there about an hour after it opened, and it was like walking into, well, a Toddler Day!  Seriously, I have never seen so many waist height people running around!  But considering the average age would have been about 2 1/2, there were very few tantrums, very few tears, and it honestly wasn't the Hell On Legs that you'd imagine a whole building full of under-threes to be!
Move over Smashy & Nicey!

This isn't a review post. I paid for our tickets.  I just want to share some photos, and to encourage you to find out if any of your local attractions have family days, or even better, toddler days. It's a great way to spend some time together, doing something that interests and involves you all.  And provides some great photos.

Something that I'm loving as Squeaky gets older is how she's learning to develop relationships with others, and her friendship with Pirategirl is a great example of that.  They've known each other since Pirategirl was about 2 weeks old (she's a few weeks younger than Squeaky), as we've been to the same baby and toddler groups, and I've built a great and very welcome friendship with her mummy.  The girls have grown up together, and they have gone from playing next to each other to properly co-operative playing together.  It's incredible to see, and makes me really happy.

Best Friends.


  1. What a wonderful summary of an action packed day.
    As Pirategirl's lucky Mummy I too am so proud of their friendship. I especially love that neither seems to dominate...they are both as likely to take the initiative and lead the other into mischief! Only today Pirategirl put on her boots, waved me goodbye and went to the(imaginary) shop stating she wanted to get Squeaky some shoes!!
    Thank you both for your friendship x

  2. That's lovely! I love watching the kiddies interacting with each other, fantastic idea about a toddler day, if only we had something similar round here!!


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