Saturday, 21 January 2012

The Bottle Fairy's Visit

We've all heard of the Tooth Fairy, right?  Some of us have heard of the Dummy Fairy.  But have you heard of the Bottle Fairy, who paid us a visit recently?

The Bottle Fairy does a similar job to the Dummy Fairy.  She keeps an eye out for boys and girls who have grown up now, and no longer need baby things, in her case, bottles.  The boys and girls leave their bottles out for the Bottle Fairy, who collects them up and gives them to babies who need them, similarly to the Dummy Fairy.  If the boys and girls are very good, the Bottle Fairy might even leave them a special gift.

Well, as Squeaky turned 2 this week, we'd been expecting the Bottle Fairy to come and visit us for a little while, and had been talking about what would happen.  Squeaky finally accepted that milk comes in beakers about a week ago, so it was perfect timing for the Bottle Fairy's visit, so we didn't slip back into bad habits.

Oh! Look! I can edit, badly.
Squeaky helped me write a letter to the Bottle Fairy, which we left out on the sideboard with all her bottles, hoping that the Bottle Fairy would stop by our house on her rounds.

Lo and behold, the next morning, the bottles and the letter had disappeared.  In their place was a letter back from the Bottle Fairy (since destroyed, hmph), and a Chuggington book, as we're currently obsessed with the Choo-Choos (and Peppa Pig, Upsy Daisy, and Tang from Zingzillas)

I wondered, what fairies visit your house?  Are there any others we should be looking out for?

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