Monday, 23 January 2012

Dressing Up Time

I saw Mummy Loves' competition with Appliances Online, looking for pictures of children's favourite dressing up outfits, and I was stumped.  While we've got a few dress-up outfits, Squeaky's really not one for wearing them, and the majority of photos I've got of her in a costume, she's either trying to rip it off herself, or just about the howl with rage.  I thought I was out of luck.

But I decided to have a mooch through the photo collection just in case, and there I discovered that, actually she does like dressing up.  Not in sparkles and flounces, but in Mummy's clothes.  So, may I present, Squeaky and highlights (or lowlights) from my wardrobe.

 My silly yellow t-shirt from Soreen!  She thinks this is fabulous.
 My wellies.  Apparently they're much better than her own (special guest appearance there from Daddy)
 My glasses.  One of the rare occasions she put them on the right way up. Don't ask how I managed to take her photo when I wasn't wearing them.
And my cowboy boots.  These are even more exciting than wellies, and she often insists I wear them, even if they don't go with my outfit, unless she's busy wearing them herself.

(I only wish I'd managed to take a photo of her recent fancy dress outfit at Pontins.  90 seconds to come up with an outfit, we managed glasses, a stuffed mouse, Mr Tumble's spotty bag, and a clean nappy on her head.  Somehow that won!)

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  1. Ha ha! Love the soreen t-shirt!! She is adorable :O)

    Good luck xx


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