Monday, 5 January 2015

Bosch Athlet Cracker Challenge

You know me dearest reader
I can't turn down a dare
To make, create, do something daft
I'm happy to be there.

So when I was invited
To make crackers and a mess
I was really quite delighted
As if you couldn't guess

So with my Squeaky helper
We started to create
Though Christmas is now over
We're actually not late

We rolled and stuffed and twisted
Crepe paper wrapped and tied
Sticky taped and decorated
And put sweets and hats inside

Our crafting was quite tidy
As you can clearly see
Though we still need to clean a mess
The mess that's soon to be

Coz our crackers aren't for Christmas
Squeaky's birthday's coming soon
And her friends are coming over
To mess up my living room

With crackers, fun, and movies
Popcorn, pizza, cheese
My mess is in the future
Help me Bosch Athlet, please

I can't yet give a hashtag
#showUSyourmess still to come
But I promise to save a piece of cake
If you let me be the one!

This post and awesome poem
Form my blogging entry
To the #showUSyourmess challenge
The kit was complementary

Provided to me free of charge
To help me spin my tale
And stand a chance of winning
A Bosch Athlet vacuum, £239.99 for sale

The words are all my own
And I have not been paid
Links are for convenience
No affiliate scheme made.


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