Monday, 7 April 2014

Hot Dogs bite back! With Jungle Dogs

I know I'm boring you, because I'm boring myself, when I start yet another post telling you how Squeaky is what's politely termed a "fussy eater".  Believe me, we have many more creative terms in our house.  Truth is, she's picky in the extreme.  However, one thing she's guaranteed to tuck into is hot dogs.  So when Jungle Dogs got in touch and asked us to try out some of their dogs, we were happy to oblige.

Jungle Dogs are fresh hot dog sausages, kept in the fridge section of the supermarket.  They're smaller than canned hot dogs, just right for smaller appetites.  And most importantly for us, they come in a pack of 6, which is split into two smaller packs of three.  So no need to eat hot dogs for 3 days in a row, no bowl of brined sausages sitting in the fridge threatening to fall out every time you open it for milk.  Simple ideas are often the best, and this is a great one.  The dogs are able to be cooked in a pan or in the microwave - very convenient, though I did find when I microwaved them the ends expanded to look like something a bit ruder than a hot dog!  Made no difference to the flavour though!

Hot Dog, Hot Dog, Hot Diggity Dog!
I was quite impressed that Jungle Dogs are made from 85% pork, with no mechanically recovered meat.  That might not sound too surprising, but I looked at a tin of "normal" hot dogs to discover that they are mostly chicken, and mostly mechanically recovered (i.e. all the nasty slurry bits after the real meat has been taken off for other foods)  Makes me feel a bit wobbly, so Jungle Dogs get a thumbs up from me for being real food.  They taste great to me as well, a bit meatier than canned hot dogs, for obvious reasons.

The Squeaky verdict is obviously all-important.  We tried the hot dogs as hot dogs, in a bun, and they went down a treat.  We tried them alongside pasta (alongside, not mixed in, this is important!), and they went down a treat this way too.  I think we can comfortably call them a success!  In fact, if you want a confession, we ate them all so fast I had to go out & buy some more for these photos, and because Squeaky's enjoying them so much.  They've taken up a regular spot in my weekly shopping list.

A success!
Jungle Dogs are available in the chiller section of most major supermarkets, priced around £1.00 per pack.

Disclosure: I was provided with two packs of Jungle Dogs sausages free of charge for the purposes of this review, I was not told what to write and all opinions are my own.  Links are provided for convenience only, I am not a member of any affiliate scheme and will not be rewarded for their use.


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